Daily post 1: Rainy day


It is another rainy day. It has been rainy for about two weeks in here. It is humid and oppressive everywhere. I do not like rainy days, they make me feel depressed.

After taking a shower, I set out at 7 o’clock in the morning. “Another busy day”. I murmured. Everyday appears to be the same, but it still brings me different news and feelings.

Yesterday, my paper was rejected for a second time without any reasons given. I feel so frustrated because there is nothing I can do about it. I was thought that I could get a good result if I worked hard, but this has not been the case for this time.

As I have grown up and became more independent, things have become more difficult than I expected. Sometimes I have endeavored to solve the problems, but at other times I could do nothing but wait.

In my country, we have been taught to be circumscribed in our thinking. And most people believe it is unrealistic for a girl to pursue her dream. At my age, friends are graduating from univ. and beginning their adult lives. Maybe I should also find a decent job and get married. But what will happen to me then? Will I be too bored?

There are too many frustrations in my life right now yet. I still want to pursue my dream and I still believe I can change my situation with faith and perseverance.